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Barnett Crossbows For Sale

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About Barnett:

This revolutionary company started about a half-century ago and, since then, has been able to leave a mark in the hunting community. They have sold over a million crossbows and known for producing exceptionally high-quality bows that are better than the previous. Due to how great their customer satisfaction spans, they have received massive positive reviews. Barnett Crossbows For Sale


Every Barnett crossbow is always better than the previous one. They are ever-evolving, advancing, and aiming to satisfy the need of customers. This company started with just a simple dream, a dream fueled by the desire to set a target and to reach it. With every advanced version of the crossbow they release, they make reaching that dream easier. Don’t leave your Crossbow Cocked.

Over the years, Barnett has not been slacking behind, as they keep obtaining patent after patent over some revolutionary crossbows that comes with the best cutting-edge technology. One of these remarkable crossbows is the Commando crossbow, with the self-cocking ability making it quite distinct from anything you have ever seen. barnett crossbow crank – barnett whitetail hunter str crossbow – barnett hyperghost 425 crossbow – barnett TS380

Barnett HyperTac Pro 430

Crossbow Accessories

The crossbow bolts you go for depends on the version. However, you will need crossbow locks of about 18, 20, 22 inches long to go for a hunt. This company presents all the sizes, and with field points. Since the broadheads aren’t always durable, you might need to get some quality broadheads separately. Before incorporating this in your weapon, read some reviews by users before making a choice. Barnett Crossbows For Sale

  • Barnet Crossbow Scopes

Another accessory that is very useful in a hunt is the scope, and this company presents two exceptional crossbow scopes. The first is the illuminated 3-reticle scope with a 4x magnification, while the second is a ring scope. You can easily mount this feature on your crossbow without any issues. It is water, shock, and fog-resistant. Barnett Crossbows For Sale

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

  • Barnet Crossbow Case

Another exciting accessory offered by Barnett is the impressive crossbow case. Although this is nothing fancy about this case, neither is there padding. It is very inexpensive and gets the job done without hassles. It is cheap and comes with two more compartments that you can use to store bolts, rope cocking aid, and some others which you might want for tuning.

Although not everyone needs this accessory. If you have been following Barnett’s invention, you will know that every model is more lightweight and doesn’t come with the enormous draw weight. But for the not so keen hunters, they might need the cocking aid, which lessens the power required to draw the string by half. Additionally, it also reduces the cocking tension to 15-16lbs. They are very cheap and affordable.

Crossbow Technologies

  • Anti-Dry Fire Trigger

Seeking out for the safety of their users, Barnet came up with a cutting-edge technology that not only makes the crossbow look rugged but protects the user from using the crossbow without a projectile in place. The latest crossbows come with this incredible technology, like the Ghost 360, Lady Raptor FX, Predator, and the rest of them. This protective mechanism comes with a spring-loaded redundant safety bar that stays in place when the projectile is not yet ready. In other words, the user can easily switch off the safety mechanism and shoot the crossbow.

  • Shoot Thru Riser

Another great technology coming from Barnett is this cutting-edge mechanism that provides a longer power stroke, thereby making sure that the cocking string stays beyond arm’s length. This technology is rare and not found yet in many crossbows today. It triggers high velocity and stores high energy levels. The aim is to produce lightweight crossbows and maximize strength during a hunt. For this reason, NASA assessed this technology through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing and found it to be remarkable.

  • Carbonlite Technology

When it comes to one of the most technologically advanced risers, this fantastic piece is the deal. This mechanism is present in the some of the latest models like the Buck Commander CRT, and Xtreme, Ghost 360, etc. The impact of this technology is cutting down the massive weight at the front end by over 43 percent. By so doing, the balance moves swiftly to the shoulder, thereby providing one of the most accurate and steadiest shots of all times.


Barnett Crossbows

Barnett HyperTac 420


Barnett Crossbows

Barnett TS380

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